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About Us

We are AI Powered Data Aggregation and analytics based company with highly passionate and enthusiastic AI driven team. We are one stop Digital Solution having expertise in Digital Commerce, Performance Marketing, Sales Force Automation with End to End E-commerce Marketing Management.

We began as core digital marketing agency, slowly adding expertise and experience of content and digital media management along with Digital Commerce analytics using AI/ML to our portfolio of services with campaigns and analytics that made a difference in B2B and B2C industries

Our Services

Drive your business with AI powered trailytics services

We are custom made analytical solution built to help brand managers and consumer insights analyst to visualize e-com store level data & gather actionable insights, thereby creating a strong competitive advantage in the digital commerc landscape

E-commerce and organised retail Analytics

Discover the power of our Digital Shelf Analytics, providing real-time insights into SKU performance across various platforms. Uncover the intricacies of your products' digital journey, optimize inventory, and boost sales with our holistic approach to e-commerce analytics.


Embark on a journey of digital transformation with Trailytics. Our advanced technology solutions and accelerators propel businesses into the future, offering Datalake capabilities, DevOps integration, AI-driven chatbots, and more. Experience a seamless transition to a tech-enabled future with Trailytics as your digital partner.

Performance Marketing

Supercharge your marketing efforts with Trailytics' Performance Marketing solutions. From Amazon ads to social media campaigns, our analytics-driven approach optimizes every facet of your marketing strategy. Maximize your ROI, refine your campaigns, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing with Trailytics.

Expert Strategic Consultation

Want to grow your business but don’t know where to begin? Can’t determine what’s best? or do you require assistance with data and analytics?

Trailytics’ specialized professionals can guarantee you in determining what type of analytics you require to enable your organisation grow leveraging next generation AI enabled analytics. Trailytics’ business analysts, data scientists, and AI/ML engineers are available to give a completely tailored solution that will assist our customers in achieving long-term and competitive business excellence. We take pleasure in working as a partner and an extension of our costumers’ own teams to guarantee successful initiatives.

Worldwide Experience


We are a  team of highly experienced professionals who hold expertise in Data Science and are passionate to help brand managers & marketers to visualize and provide actionable insights from the web data and mobile application, thereby creating a strong competitive advantage in the digital landscape