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Millions of products are listed for every major keyword and category that a buyer may search on major online e-commerce sites. Your items must first be accessible and discoverable on relevant keyword search results and category pages in order to reach your consumer. According to research, over two-thirds of clicks originate from goods on the first page of search results. The first step to increasing your organic visibility is to understand your existing shelf share. Our Digital commerce intelligence can assist you with the following:

Track your SKU  ranking .

Track your product visibility in each category

     Track your Competitors performance across the page

Determine the trend across the month ,quarter ,year

Track Amazon Bestsellers list for your items in their respective categories.

This information allows you to keep track of your shelf share and how it varies over time as a result of various levers you employ, such as changes in content, price, and sales.


In the fast-paced world of commerce, it’s important for a company to keep track of its product price across various online channels. Online clients, to some extent, question the notion of loyal customers; a price that is only a little higher than the competition might cause you to lose even your most loyal customers. To strategically employ promotions, discounts, offers, and coupons to enhance online sales, have competitive pricing, and improve advertising conversions, brands must have total insight over their rivals and their own product price.

Track the pricing and promotions of your Sku along with your competitor across the Zipcode, sellers and marketplaces

Track the SKU’s which are violating your MBQ norms comparing with your planned values

Track the cites where your sku’s are winning the BuyBox.

This information aids in the development of a well-controlled price and promotion plan, as well as the closure of promotional claims loopholes.


According to research, the majority of customers check between 1 and 10 reviews before making a purchase. The reviews are also a treasure of information for marketers about what matters to their customers and how well their products perform in that regard. As a result, it’s critical to track and evaluate it in order to protect your online reputation and improve client satisfaction.

Compare consumers sentiments  across each platform ab.

Analyse positive and negative review and rating patterns across brands, categories, and platforms for SKUs.

Determine customer pain points from the negative reviews

Determine and Track your Competitors reviews 


One of the most complicated jobs of brand managers is ensuring that their products are available on ecommerce platforms through authorised vendors. When a desired product is out of stock, customers may lose interest in a brand. Many e-commerce platforms also deactivate or remove goods that go out of stock often. Brands must have current inventory on numerous e-commerce platforms to maintain visibility, especially for high-selling or focus SKUs.

Track on-shelf availability across platforms, merchants, and locations with digital commerce intelligence.

Alerts on product being out of Stock.

Monitor  Sku’s that are currently on sale but are out of stock.

This information is crucial for stock and PO planning in order to maximise inventory availability and reduce sales losses.


Various platforms deliver sales reports and offtake data in a variety of formats and frequencies. It is critical to have a consolidated picture, adjustable to your individual decision-making criteria, in order to make an educated conclusion.

Capture all sales information across the channels and visualize for easy understanding.

Determine revenue trends MOM ,YOY, QoQ by channel, brand, or overall.

KPI’s across channels, geographies basis the brand customizations  

Track top performing SKU’s

Data from multiple platforms has been combined to give complete data and insights.


Today’s ecommerce systems provide a wide range of sophisticated tools and advertising choices. Because so many customers now begin their research, discovery, and purchase journeys on platforms like Amazon, these tools have become a key source of digital advertising.

Provide a thorough examination of Marketing Funnel across all the major Marketplaces

Analyse campaign performance at the campaign, ad type, and portfolio level analyse ASIN and keyword performance to offer keyword and bidding ideas Analyse ASIN and keyword performance to provide keyword and bidding suggestions

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