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Extra costs applied by marketplaces in any given period are immediately identified by Trailytics AI Platform. The seller can utilise that form to follow up with the marketplace and, if necessary, raise complaints. It makes it simple to check details of sales, returns, and payments while working on extra charges.


It offers you a clear view of sales & returns of a certain period. Not only that it divides apart settled, unsettled, acknowledged, unacknowledged purchases. It also displays returns for orders placed within the specified period as well as ones placed prior to. This provides a thorough analysis of your sales, however it does not combine all sales and returns.

The above information is offered with market consolidation so you can see separate markets in addition to a consolidated perspective. Drilldown is to be had for every information piece, and you can observe the whole order degree records through digging down.


When a merchant gets a remittance, the first thing he wants to know is a precise breakdown of the amount received, which our payments analysis provides. It presents a clear image by separating out components that comprise complete payment, as payments might be of orders of different periods. Payments against sales, deductions against returns, expenditure deductions and refunds are all included in each payment deposit. Drilldown is supplied from the precis degree all of the manner right all the way down to the individual rate degree.


We give automated additional charge report which may be utilised to raise disputes. This shows you how charges are applied, what the average% is, how many transactions are under a certain percentage, and so on. Drilldown is accessible at each location, so if there are 30 transactions with an exceptional shipping fee (which may be legitimate as per marketplace regulation) you can drill down and see all 30 transactions and make appropriate judgments. This also allows you to examine and designate charges as validated, so you don’t have to go through the process again.


The dashboard provides users with a quick overview of all relevant information connected to marketplace account reconciliation and sales analysis. It clearly displays pending payments against sales and disputes, as well as accounting for returns and charges. 

Expected and delayed payments can be viewed individually by the user. Monthly sales by marketplace over the last four months are displayed.

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